The Ugly Truth About IVF

Written By Megan Smalley - June 30 2015


June 08 2018

I cried reading this. I am so glad you shared your story – thank you for that. My husband and I are considering IVF but I’m not sure its the right road for us. I will pray for you tonight.

Robin Ford
November 05 2016

Sweet girl, you are not alone. I walked that journey you are currently walking and I always referred to infertility as an “invisible physical handicap”. My body wouldn’t do what everyone else takes for granted. It was a long lonely road for us but God showed up just at the right time through adoption. And now our nest is empty as we recently sent him off to college!! Please email me if you want a prayer partner who has been down the same road.
Many Blessings!!
Ps. I love your shop and War Eagle. I’m an alum!!:)

May 01 2016

I’m 25 and although not married and trying to have kids this is something I can somewhat relate to. Last October I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma and because of this, I’m going to be on medication to keep my cycle going. I’m certain that my ability to get pregnant one day, when I am married, may very well be a difficult one. This is something that I worry about at times when I consider my future, but this post made me realize it’s not my future it’s God’s future. And he is a God of possibilities and love, so thank you for the reminder. Your blog is amazing!

" That He will win people over to the Kingdom through this. Because after all, we are called to this earth for His purpose, not ours. So even if our life looks differently than we imagined, He can use us for His Kingdom." So simple, but so powerful. Thank you for writing this!



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