Waiting on God: What do you believe about Him?

Written By Megan Smalley - January 18 2016


July 10 2017

Thank you for this! Really helpful!
You know through the darkest valleys i walk and hardships, God give me small things i love and can enjoy like a drop of water for my dry and thirsty mouth. These small things i accept is something that gives hope for me. That maybe He is saying that look at the brighter side of it. But hey thank you again for sharing it really makes me cry in times like these…

January 19 2016

Thank you so so much for writing this! So encouraging and completely honest. I totally agree with the “churchy” answers and feel that has to stop. Thank you for being open with us!

Sarah Kilbreth
January 19 2016

What you just said… So good. We lost our daughter at 36 weeks in September. I find myself asking so many of those questions you wrote out. So many “why” and “what purpose does this serve” questions. We lost another baby nearly 3 years ago at 8 weeks. Though we have 2 children here on earth, I’m also questioning if God will ever allow us to bring home another healthy baby. Hope and joy are things I long for these days… My girls bring me great happiness, but having hope some days is extremely difficult.

…all that to say, thanks for this! Your words resonated with me. :)

January 18 2016

This was such a blessing to me, Megan. Thank you!

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