Waiting on God: Taking Steps Forward.

Written By Megan Smalley - January 25 2016


July 10 2017

Hi Megan and S&G!
I thank God for always giving me this thought of searching through the net and reading something that will encourage me. Reading is not my cup of tea. I hate reading but somehow what you hate the most is actually the most helpful one for me to actually made me realize that through reading i will learn a lot of things and that i am never alone in this jorney of life. And this blog does made a lot of impact and does touch the most sensitive part my heart. To stop comparing and start listing down ny blessings. Cause tell tou what I have been into the negative darkest side of life since i’ve been awfully hurt which every positivity i get there’s always negative thought i have to tell.

But thank you for the list that can help. And im truly praying that this too ( struggles in life) will pass. Just do what my purpose is and focus on God

August 05 2016

I just wanted to thank you for this blog post! I realize that I’m a few months behind, but I have been reading the S&G blog all morning and am feeling so inspired! This one, in particular, spoke to me.

As I near another birthday and continue to search for my future husband, it is sometimes hard to remain faithful that God really will bring me the desire of my heart: a partner in life.

In these times of waiting the doubt starts to creep in. Reading this post has reminded me to keep my eyes on the Lord, and to use these practical tactics to keep my faith strong in my waiting and to trust in His plan.

I never comment on blogs, etc., but your posts always talk about accountability and vulnerability, and it has inspired me to be open and honest and to thank you for your writing, your products, your movements, and your inspiration.

You are truly making an impact on the world through your work (the whole S&G team!).

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