I Don't Want to Miss This

Written By Koral Dean - June 13 2017


Katie Schell
July 17 2017

I Loved reading this post because it is refreshing to know that us mothers are not alone in that same feelings! Feelings of deciding to follow the path God has given us and to be Mommas and Wives first! It isn’t without sacrifice but the reward of not missing the precious moments is totally worth it! I was sad to see S&G was closing but I totally know God has plans for you and what better reason to close up a business than to be Momma and mommas teaching our little ones to Love and follow the Lord!

Wendy Crider
June 16 2017

Koral, I totally understand how you feel! I remember making the same decision 24 years ago to stay home and raise my babies! I knew God had called me to teach, but after Kiah was born my calling changed to wanting to be a full time mother. I struggled with this decision and when I became pregnant with Ka-Ka I decided after she was born I would take a maternity leave. After one month into the summer I knew God wanted me to be a full time mother. I didn’t want to miss out on anything. Then we were blessed with Kramer too! I have never regretted being a stay home mom! I will always be thankful to God and my husband for this blessing! God opened another door years later for me to serve on the school board and that kept me connected to education ( my passion), but it also allowed me to be very involved with my school age children! God will lead and guide you as a mother, wife, and if you choose in the future to be a career women again. Listen to your heart! The Holy Spirit is powerful! Raising children to love Jesus is the greatest job you could ever do! It is an eternal blessing! May God bless you and your precious family, and Meghan and her family! ????

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