The hardest post I've ever written.

Written By Megan Smalley - June 04 2017


August 13 2017

Blessings to you and your family. Prayers as you go forward in a new direction. Anticipating great things.

Katie Schell
July 18 2017

I was sad to see S&G was closing but I totally know God has plans for you and what better reason to close up a business than to be Momma to precious twin boys and a momma teaching your little ones to Love and follow the Lord!
I loved that your company was Christian and you have now showed that full circle. You started with faith and now you leave this chapter in Faith and I know you will be an awesome momma and the Lord will honor you for looking to him to see his will for your life! Thanks for setting an example of Christ’s love through all you have done! God truly bless your family and sweet baby boys to arrive soon!

Jenny Sawyer
June 24 2017

I love your hearts and the courageous and wise you ladies are taking. God is taking me on a very similar path in my business and just stumbled upon your site / this post (obviously, the Lord wanted me to see it). It’s inspiring and motivating me to continue on this journey of simplicity and focus on my most important people.

Joanna Waterfall
June 22 2017

You’re such an inspiration Meg. Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty here. So excited for you and this new direction- let us know how we can lean in! Love everything you’re about :)

June 15 2017

These Divine interventions and appointments are always a part of God’s biggest game changers!! Prayers for the new doors that will be opening…

Sparrow Soaps

June 14 2017

May God bless you during this transition and direct you on how best to use your gifts. I love your physical products but love you and what you stand for so much more! I will miss some of the Auburn swag (War Eagle!) But I will really miss the scripture abd devotion cards. Those have made great gifts for many women inmy life. I am excited for you to pour into your ministry more and to see the great things coming up next!

June 14 2017

sorry to ask here, didn’t see another place to ask about a product . . the I Believe in Work sweatshirt – are you getting anymore of these? I would like two . .

June 14 2017

I love this company, and I really am so happy to see that you are going toward where the Lord is leading you! It can be so easy to get caught up in work, which like you said, takes us away from our families and the things that matter most. We have to be so intentional about taking a step back and refocusing. I admire you ladies for making this decision. You have my full support!

June 14 2017

As a minister that works with individuals in times of trouble and helpless (in disasters), I stand with your decision and commend you both for following your hearts and fulfill a vision and ministry. Many blessings to you both as you follow that call and are obedient. You may want to check in with Equal Exchange, as they have a Fair Trade opportunity, your goods may fit into that category to be used to grow the Give Grace.

Laura Runge
June 08 2017

I am 100% in awe and give you a Standing O for stepping out in faith and closing this chapter of your successful business. I am certain God will honor that decision and bring you abundant blessings. I must tell you that for me, the part of your business/ministry that touched me most were simply your words of encouragement and the Bible verses and quotes you posted. So from someone you have never met but touched often at just the right moment when I needed an encouraging word, I do hope you continue to post on your blog and Instagram. For your words are truly your ministry and I am certain there are countless others who would echo this. Thanks for everything. Laura in Dallas

June 05 2017

I’ve been following your journey for some time now and I understand where your heart, mind, and spirit is especially related to your children. I will pray for success and the happiness you deserve!

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